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Alchemize Your Darkness

1 Month - BRONZE

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Oak Bay, Victoria,BC

Service Description

Increase awareness of personal sources of pain/suffering and gain clarity of which parts of your ‘energy garden’ need tending Explore the options around where you’d be without the pain/block and is there anything that keeps you invested in it; How would you feel/what would you do, if this was no longer a problem for you? Initialize the journey through the darkness by working through an event that spurred the issue/problem by using a tapping routine designed specifically for your needs Learn an easy yet effective daily eco-meditation practice to calm your nervous system, ground your body and release daily stress in just 20 minutes Start reprogramming your nervous system for positive change and get a glimpse of new possibilities for your life Experience increased energy and improved moods as you let go of fears that are stopping you feel more in control over your own emotional responses and ability to release negative emotions effectively which has a huge positive effect on your self confidence

Contact Details

  • 1230 St Patrick St, Victoria, BC, Canada

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