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Supersonic You


  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Oak Bay, Victoria,BC

Service Description

Give yourself the gift of a full year of EFT therapy through our “Supersonic You” program. The sky is the limit to what you can accomplish when you operate from love and freedom as opposed to fear and contraction. Learn more about EFT and how you can help yourself deal with life’s stresses. Once you learn the technique, you’ll feel like you’ve updated your old operating system into a supersonic alchemizing structure with abundant energy and enthusiasm. Allow your new burst of energy to take you toward any dream in sight. You’ll learn how to reprogram your nervous system and create an amazing life. And when you’ve completed the program, you can still drop in the center any week for a community tapping circle for continued support. You’ll have 12 months to perfect your technique and discover so much more about how EFT can support you through the ups and downs of life. Contact us today!

Contact Details

  • 1230 St Patrick St, Victoria, BC, Canada


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