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My Journey

I am a clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/EP (Energy Psychology) and Integrative Energy Healing practitioner who empowers women to tune into, honour, and release the stress of dark emotions and trauma. I am a proud mother, a patient listener, and a compassionate facilitator of healing processes with the clients’ best interests in mind.

I feel passionate about guiding women to ignite the process of personal transformation so that they can live more enjoyable and fulfilling lives for themselves and their families. 


Through the healing modalities I practice, I facilitate the learning of practical tools for feeling safe to express full range of feelings, reprogramming of neural connections and formulating new beneficial coping strategies that result in reaching their full potential and discovering deeper levels of self-empowerment.


In my experience during growing up in Serbia, I learned that emotions weren’t safe to express, which resulted in an unhealthy coping mechanism of unconscious emotional repression. I was relieved to discover EFT as an effective way to start feeling safe in acknowledging my hidden darkness and releasing the weight of the past experiences that held me stuck in low self-esteem and anger issues.


By shining the light of consciousness into these dark, lonely, depressed parts of my psyche, I discovered the keys to my own empowerment that I like to share with my clients. 


After I moved to Canada at the age of 18, I was drawn to studying Forestry at UBC. Soon after graduating from the Natural Resources Conservation program, I realized that despite my love of nature, I was more interested in helping people for a long term career. This realization led me to take a Healing Touch course through which I discovered my love for Energy Healing. Following this new interest, I began to study at the Integrated Energy Healing program (IEH) at Langara College in Vancouver.


Through my practicum working experience with addiction recovery clients in Pacifica and Daytox centres in Vancouver, B.C., I was able to witness first hand just how beneficial the energy healing techniques were for breaking old patterns and self-destructive ways of coping.


During studying IEH methods, I became a mother of three daughters and started experiencing higher stress levels caused by the responsibility of raising a family. As that pressure progressively accumulated, I faced midlife crisis and realized I have experienced trauma growing up that I didn't even realize I've had till that point. This is when I started looking for ways to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of emotional trauma and ways to release the weight of these repressed emotions. Luckily this is when I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping); the approach that allowed me to feel comfortable acknowledging and releasing layers of fear, sadness, grief and anger from the past. The method combined with Energy Psychology (EP) that combines EFT with modern psychological approach, also taught me to tune into all aspects of myself and to deepen my ability to become a conscious parent through energy work, meditation, and self care practices.

Not only that, but I came to realize that the more I tuned into, processed, and released negative emotions, the more I uncovered the joy and sweetness of life I thought I had lost. 


I hold a Bachelor of Science In Natural Resources Conservation from UBC, a Practitioner’s Diploma in Integrated Energy Healing from Langara College and a Practitioner’s EFT/EP certificate through EFT Universe. 


In my free time, I enjoy gardening and walking by the ocean with my family and dog Ziggy. I find peace in meditation and daily yoga to recharge. 

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Ema Maksimcev's EFT techniques and energy work helped me during a difficult grieving process, I was emotionally disregulated and I was having difficulty managing my relationships. Ema's calm understanding was exactly what I needed to change old patterns and learn to use my voice. Her gentle approach helped me feel comfortable in my boundaries. I'm feeling much better now, as I continue my learning process using my new skills, tapping and visualization worked, I feel like I was able move past feelings that were stopping me from enjoying my life.


I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to live in peace and confidence. 


With love and gratitude,

Willow V

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