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Fear to Freedom Plans and Pricing

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    Alchemize Your Darkness
    Valid for one month
    • Increasing awareness of pain sources/energy blockages
    • Learning easy meditation practice to ground/recharge/relax
    • Reprogramming nervous system for positive change via tapping
    • Letting go of negative emotions/beliefs holding you back
    • Gaining control over habitual emotional responses
    • Increasing physical energy and improved moods
    • Experiencing joy again

    Find Your Silver Lining
    Valid for 3 months
    • Building on Everything in the BRONZE Package
    • Deepening awareness of blocks in all 7 chakras
    • Reconnecting with your Higher Self and other parts of Self
    • Tapping into specific goals/visions you’d like to accomplish
    • Receiving weekly support and guidance to integrate insights
    • Gaining confidence in tapping on your own daily
    • Learning new beneficial yogic breathing methods
    • Formulating Tapping Maps for different dark emotions

    Transform Your Darkness Into Inner Gold
    Valid for 6 months
    • Building on the SILVER Package
    • Collapsing deepest dark emotions from your energy system
    • Learning aboutfour elements affecting our energy system/body
    • Transforming inner darkness very effectively on your own now
    • Feeling great: full of energy and regained enthusiasm
    • Able to go do things you've never thought you could do again
    • Expanding your perspectives and enjoying being fully alive
    • Increasing self-confidence and belief in yourself
  • Best Value

    PLATINUM - 1 Year

    Supersonic You
    Valid for one year
    • Building on the GOLD package
    • Learning to operate from love and freedom vs fear
    • Experiencing fuller life due to resolved trauma
    • Attaining calm and clear mental focus
    • Following through with the initial intention for growth
    • Confidently using the learned tools to navigate challenges
    • Being fully yourself: physically, emotionally, mentally
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